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Facility Features


  • No Capital Expenditures
  • Robust Inmate Management and Calling Controls
  • HIVE Access by VOIP Phones
    - Eliminate inmate fraud
    - No secondary dial tone
    - More secure
  • Calling PINs and PAN List
    - Inmate PINs
    - Authorized number list
  • Numerous Billing Options
    - Collect billing
    - Inmate debit accounts
    - Family debit accounts
  • Call Recording
    - Either party or both
  • Hot Call Feature
    - Notifies investigator of call
  • Restricted Number Access
    - Facility access to restrict
  • Facility Web Portal Access
    - Secure access
    - Real time access to all calls
    - Real time access to all revenue
    - Called party billing info (if available)
    - Monitor live calls
    - Replay calls
  • Easy Account Set Up & Management
    - Fund debit account
    - Create or change PINs
    - Modify PAN list
  • Inmate Volume and Time Controls
    - Individually limit calls

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